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John D MacDonald

By John D. MacDonald , Robert Petkoff Read by. Description "The Travis McGee novels are among the finest works of fiction ever penned by an American author. Drinking Boodles on the Busted Flush has become a full-time job. But when he hears that six figures' worth of rare stamps have wandered off, McGee finds himself back in the salvage business.

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To deliver on this case, McGee will have to be suspicious of everyone he meets -- because what he's looking for is property of the mob. Assessed at around four hundred thousand dollars, these are no ordinary stamps, and Sprenger's no ordinary collector: He's liable to break some fingers if he doesn't get what he's owed. Lucky for Hirsh, he's got a friend in Travis McGee. Soon McGee is hot on the trail of the missing collection -- not to mention hot for a voluptuous stamp expert by the name of Mary Alice.

They are rare stamps.

The Scarlet Ruse: Introduction by Lee Child

Four hundred thousand dollars worth of rare. And if McGee doesn't recognize their value, perhaps Mary Alice McDermit does, a six-foot knockout who knows all the ways to a boat bum's heart. Only it's not McGee's heart that's in danger. Because a syndicate killer has put a contract on McGee. A killer who knows something about stamps. Praise for John D.

Travis mcgee series

MacDonald and the Travis McGee novels " The great entertainer of our age, and a mesmerizing storyteller. All I ever wanted was to touch readers as powerfully as John D. MacDonald touched me. No price could be placed on the enormous pleasure that his books have given me. He captured the mood and the spirit of his times more accurately, more hauntingly, than any 'literature' writer--yet managed always to tell a thunderingly good, intensely suspenseful tale. MacDonald would be a treasure on the order of the tomb of Tutankhamen.

Fact, Fiction & Flights of Fancy.

John D. MacDonald is a shining example for all of us in the field.

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  • Talk about the best. I envy the generation of readers just discovering Travis McGee, and count myself among the many readers savoring his adventures again.

    Book The Scarlet Ruse Travis Mcgee Mysteries 14

    Parker "Most readers loved MacDonald's work because he told a rip-roaring yarn. I loved it because he was the first modern writer to nail Florida dead-center, to capture all its languid sleaze, racy sense of promise, and breath-grabbing beauty.

    Swampy's #Florida Man in the Swamp: John D. MacDonald 100 & TV history!

    MacDonald created a staggering quantity of wonderful books, each rich with characterization, suspense, and an almost intoxicating sense of place. The Travis McGee novels are among the finest works of fiction ever penned by an American author and they retain a remarkable sense of freshness. I can't think of anyone who has replaced him. I can't think of anyone who would dare.

    MacDonald novel: reading it again. A writer way ahead of his time, his Travis McGee books are as entertaining, insightful, and suspenseful today as the moment I first read them. He is the all-time master of the American mystery novel. Show More Show Less. Pre-owned Pre-owned. See all 7.

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