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Response of fruit tree tissues to freezing temperatures. HortScience — Baldwin B.

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Is tissue culture a viable system with which to examine environmental and hormonal regulation of cold acclimation in woody plants? Browse J. Temperature sensing and cold acclimation. Plant Biol. Campbell S. Dehydrins: genes, proteins and associations with phenotypic traits. New Phytol. Chen H. Interaction of low temperature, water stress, and short days in the induction of stem frost hardiness in red osier dogwood.

Involvement of abscicis acid in potato cold acclimation. Chen P. Induction of frost hardiness in stem cortical tissues of Cornus stolonifera Michx. Biochemical changes.

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Chen T. Abscisic acid-induced freezing tolerance resistance in cultured plant cells. Close T. Dehydrins: Emergence of a biochemical role of a family of plant dehydration proteins. Dehydrins: a commonalty in the response of plants to dehydration and low temperature. Daie J. Response of tomato plants to stressful temperatures. Gilmour S. Cold acclimation and cold regulated gene expression in ABA mutants of Arabidopsis thaliana.

Greer D. Frost hardening of Pinus radiata seedings: effects of temperature on relative growth rate, carbon balance and carbohydrate concentration. Tree Physiol. Guy C. Cold acclimation and freezing stress tolerance: Role of protein metabolism. Detection of polypeptides associated with the cold acclimation process in spinach. Electrophoresis 9: — Heino P. Abscisic acid deficiency prevents development of freezing tolerance in Arabidopsis thaliana L. Hiilovaara-Teijo M. Molecular responses in cold-adapted plants. Eds , Spring-Verlag, Berlin Heidelberg, pp.

Hinesley L. Foliar raffinose and sucrose in four conifer species: relationship to seasonal temperature. Howe G. Photoperiodic responses of a northern and southern ecotype of black cottonwood.

Hughes M. The molecular biology of plant acclimation to low temperature. Hurme P. Climatic adaptation of bud set and frost hardiness in Scots pine Pinus sylvestris L. Irving R. Regulation of cold hardiness in Acer negundo. Characterization and role of an endogenous inhibitor in the induction of cold hardiness in Acer negundo. Environmental control of cold hardiness in woody plants. Ismail A. Purification and partial characterization of a dehydrin involved in chilling tolerance during seedling emergence of cowpea.

Jaglo-Ottosen K. Arabidopsis CBF1 overexpression induces cor genes and enhances freezing tolerance. Science — Junttila O. The cessation of apical growth in latitudinal ecotypes and ecotype crosses of Salix pentandra L. Environmental control of cold acclimation in Salix pentandra. Physiological aspects of cold hardiness in northern deciduous tree species.

Kacperska A.


Metabolic consequences of low temperature stress in chilling-insensitive plants. Water potential alterations — a prerequisite or a triggering stimulus for the development of freezing tolerance in overwintering herbaceous plants. In: Advances in plant cold hardiness, Li P. Karlson D. Photoperiod regulation of a KD dehydrin-like protein in red-osier dogwood Cornus sericea L. Plant Cell Physiol. Kaurin, Junttila O. Seasonal changes in frost hardiness in cloud berry Rubus chamaemorus in relation to carbohydrate content with special reference to sucrose.

Kontunen-Soppela S. Seasonal fluctuations of dehydrins is related to osmotic status in Scots ping seedlings.

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Trees — Koornneef M. The isolation and characterization of abscisic acid-insensitive mutants of Arabidopsis thaliana. Kuroda H. Ultrastructural changes in cortical cell of apple Malus pumila Mill. Lalk I.

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Environmental regulation and physiological basis of freezing tolerance in woody plants

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