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Jones C. Philostratus I. Apollonius of Tyana. Books I—IV. Loeb Classical Library ISBN: Philostratus II.

The Life of Apollonius of Tyana Index

Alain Billault - - Philosophy and Rhetoric 26 3 - The Life of Apollonius of Tyana. Philostratus - - Harvard University Press. Literature C. Jones Ed. Whittaker - - The Monist 13 2 Philostratus J. Dutch Monographs on Ancient History and Archaeology, Amsterdam: J. Gieben, ISBN: X. Sidebottom - - The Classical Review 49 01 Anacharsis in a Letter of Apollonius of Tyana.

Robert J. Penella - - Classical Quarterly 38 02 Life of Apollonius. Philostratus - - [Harmondsworth, Eng. Jaap-Jan Flinterman - - J. Gieben, Publisher. It is not that the pairings do not signify—they do, often interestingly. Is the gaze coherent?

  • Translated by Ellen Bradshaw Aitken and Jennifer K. Berenson Maclean?
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Is there a system to this work? Or is it closer to the world of the ecphrastic epigram where a flash of insight is enough to ground an interpretation and complete the glance of observation?

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The second issue is a consequence of the focus on Philostratus. There is little space given to the surrounding world, and what is offered is insufficient.


Philostratus stands, as Miles notes, at a specific juncture. The fascination with interpretation will fuel the Christian writing of Jerome and Augustine, say, and dominate the cultural life of the fourth century. How the Greek culture of Philostratus will have an impact on the growing Christian intellectual project—with its different Greek and Latin trajectories—requires a broader contextualization, if its purchase is to be adequately recognized.

Despite these demurrals—or engagements— Philostratus: Interpreters and Interpetation is a stimulating, focused and coherent first book and first contribution to a new series. It should, as the author hopes with a traditional envoi in his last paragraph, happily encourage further research in an important area of understanding the Greek culture of the Roman Empire.

Bryn Mawr Classical Review In this sense, the Philostratean Erotic Letters situate themselves in a long-standing Greek erotic tradition and draw from the prestigious classical past.

Philostratus and the Imaginary Museum

In the context of individual Philostratean letters, pederastic motifs are often employed in heterosexual narratives and subvert the expected erotic discourse. Heterosexual motifs e.

The Letters construct the identities of the senders and the receivers as the Greek pepaideumenoi of the Imperial period. In this context, the erotic experience emphasizes the idea of literary and cultural paideia as being sexually stimulating. In the end, paideia is deemed worthier than actual sex. In all these respects, the letter corpus of the Philostratean Erotic Letters presents the reader with a unique and open-ended literary discourse, which equally juxtaposes different representations of erotic desire.

Save to Library. Letters in Philostratus' Life of Apollonius of Tyana. Today, we create fictional characters to represent villains, be they bigots, bombers, or in the case of The Walking Dead the undead. The ancients likewise fabricated fiends to buttress cultural values. They had a particular interest in They had a particular interest in two non-conventional underworld tropes: the revenant and the disguised demon.

On the surface, these netherworld creatures bore little resemblance to the ghoulish villains of The Walking Dead. Both blended in with the living: revenants came alive with full intelligence and memory — not to mention some sort of mission, like vengeance or love — while disguised demons were seductive and sexually obsessed.

How does Middle Platonism affect the literature of the period? Can a distinct Middle Platonic concern or set of concerns be identified? And how wide-ranging is this interest in literary work of the period?


How does the development of doctrine or intellectual speculation reflect and shape changes in literature and literary responses to intellectual culture? Where are the boundaries between doctrinal development and literary reception? Please submit abstracts of words, for a 20 minute paper to be followed by 10 minutes of discussion, by the 30th of November to Ben Cartlidge benjamin. Leonardo Costantini. Argues that Psyche's gullible reaction to her sisters' story that her husband is a giant serpent makes more sense when considered in the context of the Lamia folk-tale familiar to Apuleius's audience.

In this study, the author shows the diffusion of geographical knowledge between the 2nd and the first part of the 3rd century AD, examining some significant works written by the principal exponents of the intellectual movement known as In this study, the author shows the diffusion of geographical knowledge between the 2nd and the first part of the 3rd century AD, examining some significant works written by the principal exponents of the intellectual movement known as Second Sophistic Philostratus, Aelius Aristides, Lucian. Les catalogues de peuples sages. Fonctions et contextes d'utilisation.

This article deals with the constitution and the use of catalogues of wise people from the Hellenistic age to late antiquity.