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Where was it on a scale of one to 10, with 10 being worst? This is called ovarian torsion, and it creates the kind of organ-failure pain few people experience and live to tell about. There is nothing like witnessing a loved one in deadly agony.

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Your muscles swell with the blood they need to fight or run. I felt like I could bend iron, tear nylon, through the minute ambulance ride and as we entered the windowless basement hallways of the hospital. And there we stopped. The intake line was long—a row of cots stretched down the darkened hall. Someone wheeled a gurney out for Rachel. Shaking, she got herself between the sheets, lay down, and officially became a patient. Emergency-room patients are supposed to be immediately assessed and treated according to the urgency of their condition. I knew which end of the spectrum we were on.

Rachel was nearly crucified with pain, her arms gripping the metal rails blanched-knuckle tight. I flagged down the first nurse I could. Soon, I started to realize—in a kind of panic—that there was no system of triage in effect. The other patients in the line slept peacefully, or stared up at the ceiling, bored, or chatted with their loved ones. Finally, we pulled her bed inside. Ask nicely.

Wait your turn. But during an emergency, established codes evaporate—this is why ambulances can run red lights and drive on the wrong side of the road. I found myself pleading, uselessly, for that kind of special treatment. I kept having the strange impulse to take out my phone and call , as if that might transport us back to an urgent, responsive world where emergencies exist. The average emergency-room patient in the U. I later learned that at Brooklyn Hospital Center, where we were, the average wait was nearly three times as long, an hour and 49 minutes. Our wait would be much, much longer.

Everyone we encountered worked to assure me this was not an emergency. That made sense. I could believe that. I knew that kidney stones caused agony but never death. By 10 a. She hardly noticed when the attending physician came and visited her bed; I almost missed him, too. He never touched her body. PHPs even encourage third-party referrals.

Aggrieved spouses, jilted lovers, market competitors have all successfully required PHP evaluations of physicians. Such questions pose barriers to seeking mental health care and create collegial distrust when physicians fear revealing their struggles with peers who may report them to boards.

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If I knew what I would be subjected to over the next 5 years and the expense of hundreds of urines, I would not have fulfilled his request. The toughest challenge was getting through the red tape with hospital privileges when they found out I had been treated for depression. I know dozens of physicians under psychiatric care for depression. They dare not relay such to the Board secondary to what I endured. Have you any physical or mental condition s which may have or had adversely affected your ability to practice this profession, included but not limited to a contagious or infectious disease involving risk to the public?

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If yes, attach a detailed explanation. Within the last 5 years, has any licensing agency or credentialing organization initiated any inquiry into your physical, mental or emotional health? A physician with postpartum depression decades ago must answer yes leading to invasion of privacy unlinked to current impairment. The last question suggests that applicants must reveal if they have ever received any therapy for mental health issues regardless of impairment. - L5 - Medicine Then and Now - Early Medicine

For this reason, Alabama is graded F. Alaska Medical Board Licensing Application I had taken Zoloft I had also gone to counseling in my fourth year of medical school for a separate relationship issue.

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So, I answered both questions affirmatively. If yes, are you willing to accept a conditional or limited license to practice medicine if it is possible to accommodate such disability? If no, submit a signed, notarized statement fully explaining your answer. Florida has six questions.

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Three relate to substance use and one to physical impairment. A report directed to the Florida Board of Medicine from each treatment provider about your treatment, medications, and dates of treatment. By a stroke of bad luck, I picked the only one in town in charge of impaired physician monitoring.

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They laughed in my face and then posted in the local newspapers that I was sentenced to 5 yrs of monitoring. I had mandatory Wednesday group therapy. Though I was an exemplary physician, my employers had to be told why I was unavailable for call every Wednesday. Each time I re credential with hospitals, I must explain the whole thing again.

HIPAA for me does not exist.

I have never missed a single day of work for mental health. Mississippi Medical Board Licensing Application The expense of such examination shall be borne by the applicant.

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I saw a counselor. I started an antidepressant for the first time in my 30 years of existence. By the weekend I felt refreshed with a glimmer of hope. When my program asked to meet with me on Monday, I was sure it was to see if I was okay, to ensure I had no thoughts of self-harm or suicide. I was wrong. The meeting was to let me know I was placed on 6 months probation for being unprofessional. I was flabbergasted, my mouth literally fell open. Washington Medical Board Licensing Application. But what causes the impairment? Has the impairment been fixed?

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What business is it of theirs? Normally I feel guilty for lying about the slightest thing. This proved to be good advice. I was raised to be extremely honest about everything. When it comes to completing these questions for licensing I believe I am being honest because I was instructed by my respected faculty member to look at the questions in this light: Are you impaired by your condition? Then the answer on the application is NO. Many states treat illness as impairment. This is a critically important distinction. Illness is the existence of a disease.

Impairment is a functional classification and implies the inability of the person affected by disease to perform specific activities. FSMB believes illness precedes impairment and that physicians may at any point fall into the continuum of inability to practice medicine competently and safely.