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Externally, stowage bins over the tracks were added, as well as BDSH smoke bombs projectors. Your M26 must love those mm rounds in the glacis, if it can withstand them :Ps.

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Comsidering BR spread is supose to be lowered to 0. Bump the IS 3 to 7. But the IS-2 armor still good, I ricocheted loads of mm and mm with it. I've think of that too, IS-3 on 7. Considering the IS-2 Mod. It will be a good competitor at 6. The Russians are absolute garbage at 6.

IS-2M - Very 1st Russian Premium Heavy Tank :)

The Tiger ll is better with everything else. I strongly support this idea as a 6. I don't know about you, but I think the Tiger should be 7. I've got multiple German 6. They're the best 6. Russia is lacking with 6. IS-2 Mod.

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Tiger ll H? Tiger ll wins. SU or ISU vs. Ferdinand or JagdPanther? Germs win.

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  5. Having your tracks blown off in the middle of a fight can leave you defenceless, so you need to make sure they are repaired as quickly as possible for a higher chance of survival. The following skills and perks mostly improve the gun's performance a little, which is always useful. Reports the enemy vehicles' location for two more seconds after the destruction of the own vehicle.

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    Gameplay The IS-2M might not be the toughest vehicle, but the frontal armour thickness and slopes will lead to some bounced shots here and there. Equipment Recommended Setup Hover your cursor over the images for more information on each piece of equipment. Call for Vengeance Reports the enemy vehicles' location for two more seconds after the destruction of the own vehicle.

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    Clutch Braking Increases the traverse speed of your vehicle. The higher the skill progress, the higher the effect. Concealment Increases the camouflage value of your vehicle. Controlled Impact Increases the ramming damage dealt and decreases damage taken by ramming.

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    Deadeye Increases the chance of landing a critical hit. Designated Target Keeps targetes vehicles visible for two more seconds. Firefighting Reduces the duration and damage taken by fire. Intuition Grants a slight chance of changing the shell type without having to reload again. Doesn't work with autoloaders. Works also while reloading.