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Have you been spending long hours in the gym taking grueling workouts only to be disappointed and frustrated by Hot Stuff 3.

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It sits on the type of South London shopping parade that the locals won't hear a word against, and which makes visitors from leafier parts of town feel edgy. It is unlicensed.

Therefore you have to bring your own, though they charge no corkage. They barely seem to charge for anything at all. I quickly calculated that I could pop into the local Sainsbury's and pick up a bottle of something for less than the sort of money I would usually pay in most other restaurants, and drink very well indeed.

That's one reason to like Hot Stuff, but there are many others.

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The restaurant is a cult; enough of a cult, I should say, not to need me there. It can seat no more than a couple of dozen and clearly doesn't desire any extra bums on seats.

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Still, I had heard about it so often that I wanted to go there. The problem with a word-of-mouth phenomenon like Hot Stuff, of course, is that its virtues can become hyped beyond all possible hope of attainment, and a little of that has happened here. Have a look at restaurant review websites and you will see its fans describe it as one of the best Indian restaurants in London.

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It isn't that. Instead, what it manages to be is truly idiosyncratic.

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In a land where an 'Indian' restaurant still means furry wallpaper, migraine-inducing swirly carpets and the pluck of sitars it is refreshing to walk into a square room, full of Formica topped tables and plastic chilli peppers hanging from the fairy-lit ceiling. Those tables are packed tightly together and laden with flaky naan breads the size of African elephants' ears, and the menus have a gloriously well-thumbed quality.

Other than the smarty-pants on the corner table with the Pomerol, most people drink beer, bought from the off-licence next door. The family which runs Hot Stuff has its roots in the Indian communities of East Africa, although there is nothing on the menu to indicate that. It is the usual collection of kormas, jalfrezis and bhindis.